- 27th July 2023

Hotfix Update

  • Fixed potential IDOR issue
  • Fixed website backup function not working as expected - 20th July 2023

Security Patch

  • Added new global security measure to sanitise inputs and protect all forms from malicious input
  • Fixed Reflected XSS CVE-2023-37742
  • Fixed Reflected XSS CVE-2023-39098
  • Fixed old error logs being accessible
  • Fixed search sometimes taking a long time processing
  • Fixed IDOR CVE-2023-36339
  • Fixed bug with shop front filters not working
  • Fixed error on social share buttons
  • Fixed white label not detecting correctly

3.7.0 - 25th October 2022

New Features
  • Stock Channel Control 
    • You can now create multiple stock channels and set stock per channel
  • Popup Creator 
    • This allows you to easily create popups on your website with various trigger options
  • White-Labeling 
    • Certain packages can now add custom branding to the WebBoss system. Get in touch if you require this

  • Added new Related/Similar Products options 
  • Added ability to add videos to products like images
  • Added date and time options to addon products
  • Added new cost price option for products
  • Added new eCommerce reports to show stats, including orders and profits
  • Added new today opening hours tag
  • Added new button to clear server CDN cache
  • Added setting to define additional email addresses for eCommerce order emails
  • Added new image rotate button to galleries
  • Added TikTok icon to social media icons
  • Added new sticky menu option to Theme Designer
  • Added new Website Redirects page
  • Added new function to sort products within categories
  • Added show/hide functions to menu dropdown links
  • Added and updated new Gateways 
    • Added PayDough and QuickPay gateways, added latest PayPal integration and updated WorldPay gateway

  • Updated Order Generator to allow using existing products
  • Updated Order Export to give more information
  • Updated FontAwesome to version 6
  • Updated shop images to allow WebP's
  • Updated WebP mass conversion to convert shop images
  • Updated lists for pages, products and files with new search and pagination
  • Updated product overlays to show on main product page
  • Updated shop frontend to hide categories when only one exists
  • Updated payment gateway settings

  • Fixed issue with AdBlockers incorrectly blocking resource
  • Fixed Image Editor not working for WebP files
  • Fixed issue with detecting email provider
  • Fixed issue exporting "In Progress" orders
  • Fixed issue with addon domain creating redirect loop
  • Fixed issues with responsive website tester
  • Fixed notification sound playing when disabled
  • Fixed issue with stat graphs not always displaying correctly
  • Fixed issue with shop front product list "All Categories"
  • Fixed 301/302 redirects not working
  • Fixed some minor SEO issues
  • Fixed various other issues - 1st August 2022

Following on from the previous release, we've identified a few more potential minor security vulnerabilities, which have been resolved in this update. - 8th July 2022


  • Security hotfix

3.6.8 - 1st Feb 2022


  • Updated FileManager modal to select image on double-click
  • Updated support page form to properly assign tickets to email address
  • Updated recurring products to display more information
  • Updated Facebook products CSV
  • Updated Page Editor File Manager to show more folders and files


  • Fixed error with checkout when using the subscribe checkbox
  • Fixed page limit on page list
  • Fixed newsletter subscribe form not working
  • Fixed TinyMCE FileManager being too big
  • Fixed a couple of issues with the dashboard graphs
  • Fixed WebP conversion issues
  • Fixed bug with shop categories breaking if more than 1 link in menu
  • Fixed shop product import creating long permas if not set
  • Fixed communicate page trying to send with wrong from address
  • Fixed error when creating email address
  • Fixed minor layout issue on sitestats banned etc pages
  • Fixed a couple of issues with checkout confusing delivery/collection address
  • Fixed product page price displaying wrong if variants all the same price
  • Fixed variant products not inheriting price from main product if blank
  • Fixed broken image on a few system emails
  • Fixed issue with notifications if they contain HTML
  • Fixed bug with using the wrong username for shop log
  • Fixed PayPal price issue when using promo codes
  • Fixed WorldPay 3DS errors from submitting twice
  • Fixed variant price storing as integer
  • Fixed minor dashboard and sidebar styles
  • Fixed some pages in the admin being slow
  • Fixed bug with meta_title using page_title
  • Fixed parent product show £0.00 price instead of "From" lowest child price
  • Fixed wrong link for Facebook and Bing CSVs on shop export page
  • Fixed issue with account details modal
  • Fixed bug with banner not saving correctly
  • Fixed PayPal not recognising recurring products
  • Fixed product edit page not showing correctly in admin sidebar
  • Fixed error with order generator
  • Fixed File Manager modal search being case-sensitive
  • Fixed error on Edit Profile page
  • Fixed encoding errors causing weird characters in custom header/footer
  • Fixed checkout not validating email address
  • Fixed issue with adding donation products to cart
  • Fixed issue with addon products on orders
  • Fixed issue with old JS cookie functions not working

3.6.7 - 18th Nov 2021

There are so many new features in this update, so here are a few highlights:

New Admin Dashboard

We've completely rebuilt the admin dashboard (the first page you see when you login) to make everything cleaner and display useful information straight away.
This is largely customisable so you can choose what's important to you so you can access it all easily.

Page Editor Restructure

We've restructured the Page Editor to give you more space to edit the content of your pages.
All the existing page options have been moved to a new sidebar.

Product Variants (Beta)

We're working on a new feature to allow the creation of product variants.
Product variants mean you can have multiple different options like size and colour, which will generate all the different variants, which can have their own prices, stock counts and SKUs

Stripe Payment Gateway

We've added Stripe as a new payment gateway


  • Added new shipping option information to product page
  • Added new function to print orders in plaintext
  • Added new FileManager Dialog to TinyMCE Page Editor
  • Added option to determine starting order number
  • Added option to enable a subscribe popup on blog posts
  • Added new page_category template tag
  • Added option to exclude Europe from Worldwide delivery
  • Added new option in the Blog Settings to enable a blog subscribe prompt
  • Added new Themes page to install new themes
  • Added new tutorials


  • Updated admin login page with new design and more information
  • Updated Advanced Code Editor UI
  • Updated Image Editor UI/UX
  • Updated product list to show "from" price for products with required addons
  • Updated VAT number validation
  • Updated admin sidebar for ease of use
  • Updated some UI for cleanness and usability
  • Updated FAQs page
  • Updated system for new server compatibility


  • Fixed a few issues with payment gateways
  • Fixed a few issues with shop searching/filtering
  • Fixed issues with digital products in checkout
  • Fixed shop checkout form validation
  • Fixed product search not working for words less than 3 characters
  • Fixed order emails showing map when location not set
  • Fixed mobile menu not displaying for legacy menu
  • Fixed issue with add to cart button styling
  • Fixed VAT calculations on zero VAT products
  • Fixed exporting eCommerce subscribers
  • Fixed communicate emails to specific emails being blank

Version 3.6.6 - 10th Mar 2021

New Shipping Options

You can now configure multiple different shipping options with different prices and restrictions
For example, economy delivery, next day, international etc all with different prices
This also allows you to have a shipping option of "Click and Collect"
Your customers can choose which shipping option to use within the checkout process


  • Added new setting to define the text that appears for the shipping information
  • Added new option for shop catalogue mode to define text to replace buy button on product page
  • Added new tag attributes for forms tag to define size, title and even hide the form and add a show button
  • Added new option for form inputs to prefill input with page name, product name or blog name
  • Added new function to detect email provider on admin emails page


  • Updated forms plugin in page editor with new UI and new settings
  • Updated file manager dialog UI and added display and sort functions
  • Updated blog header image to use new file manager
  • Updated image editor to use new file manager
  • Updated product overlay text to allow line breaks
  • Updated order invoice generator for shop v2
  • Update PayPal IPs for security


  • Fixed gallery covers not working with webps
  • Fixed gallery webp conversion not resizing correctly
  • Fixed error on exif data for webps
  • Fixed "mobile" social icon colour
  • Fixed Facebook moderator option for comments
  • Fixed minor styling issue in shop product list
  • Fixed child products not showing draft status on admin product list
  • Fixed child product accordion on product page
  • Fixed VAT calculations on addon products
  • Fixed minor error with shop_products tag
  • Fixed minor warnings with plugins
  • Fixed issues with gallery thumbnails

Version 3.6.5 - 17th Dec 2020

The platform has recently launched a new update, version 3.6.5, which contains a few new features that will be sure to increase the performance of our client’s websites.

What is New?

  • SEO Tools – LazyLoad Integration
  • Google Analytics Trigger
  • Shop Catalogue Mode
  • CSV Options
  • Header Images
  • Business Information

SEO Tools – LazyLoad

LazyLoad is now something featured within the WebBoss CMS. LazyLoad is a way to optimise a website and decrease page speeds. The way in which this works, is by not allowing the whole page to load all at the same time, this includes images and content. It will mean that when the user accesses the webpage it will only load what the user sees, meaning that the page loads quicker because there won’t be as much to load all at once. This can be hugely beneficial to websites that contain a lot of large images that take quite a long time to load. This is also very beneficial for user experience, as it means less time for the pages to load and therefore reduces frustration and waiting times.

Although this seems like a very beneficial feature for SEO, our development team decided that our clients could have the option to enable this on their website, rather than including it as a standard feature within the CMS. This is due to the fact that clients may not want this feature enabled as it can delay the loading times of some images. This can also depend on the design of the website, as some images may need to display straightaway to the user.

In order for you to enable this on your WebBoss Website, simply go to your side bar and then choose 'SEO Settings' then choose 'SEO: Image Optimisation'. From here, you will be able to enable LazyLoad on your website by ticking the box, and that's it, your website speed will definitely improve using this feature.

Google Analytics Trigger

A new Google Analytics trigger has been added to send information to Google Analytics regarding web forms. For this to work, you have to make sure that your website has been set up with Google Analytics beforehand and then the system will automatically start to send information to Google Analytics. This is already a feature within our eCommerce module, where it will send information about your cart and products over to Google Analytics, making it very easy to track how your clients are using your checkout process. This has now been added to our Web Forms module, meaning that if you include a contact form on your website, you will be able to track how many people have submitted the form over on Google Analytics. This can be hugely beneficial for your marketing efforts and conversions.  

CSV Options

We have now added basic and advanced CSV templates within our eCommerce module. This will make uploading mass shop products a lot simpler. You will now have the option to download our basic shop CSV, which contains simplified essential columns for basic product upload. If you have more advanced shop products, then our advanced CSV template will be the best option to use.

To access the CSV import section on your website, simply go to your 'eCommerce Module' and choose 'Import & Export Products or Categories'. From here you will be able to easily download the CSV by clicking on the one that is suitable.

Shop Catalogue Mode

Our shop catalogue mode is a very useful tool in our eCommerce module, that allows you to showcase your products on your website, without your users being able to purchase online and so your product list becomes a catalogue. This is ideal for showroom websites, to give the users a real feel for what you sell and also encourage them to visit your shop/ showroom. We have since updated this feature to allow individual categories to become set to catalogue mode, meaning that you can sell your products online and also choose a category as just a catalogue for your users.

There are a few ways you can use this feature:
  1. To set your whole website as catalogue mode. To do this, go to your ‘eCommerce Module’ then select ‘Shop Settings’ from here you can click on the tab ‘Display Settings’ or alternatively choose ‘Display Settings’ in the side bar. The top setting is 'Display Shop as Catalogue'; from here you can set your shop to show the prices or to hide the prices. Once this has been saved, your whole online shop will be viewed as a catalogue and your products will not be able to be purchased online.
  2. Alternatively if you prefer the majority of your website to be an online shop, you can add just one of your categories as a catalogue. To enable this, go to ‘eCommerce Module’ then ‘Manage Shop Categories’ from here you can either choose an existing category or create a new one and use the setting 'Catalogue Mode' to make that category a catalogue.

Header Images

We have added a new feature to the page editor, to allow you to set a header image of your choice that will override the header image chosen in the theme designer. When a website is designed, there is usually a header image that features on most of your pages and this is usually added in the theme designer. You can now change this in the page editor, so that you can choose a different header image on each of your pages.

To do this, go to 'Edit Pages' and choose the page you would like to add a new header image too. You will then see the new 'Header Image' section where you can select a new image to feature as the header image. Don't forget to upload your image first in the 'File Upload' section. 

Business Information

We have added extra options to our all new Business Information section that featured in our last update. This part of the system creates that very important Structured data that Google uses to feature information in their search results. This section now features an area for you to write a bio for any people that have been added, this could be team members, owners, etc. There are also new features added to the ‘Business Type’ section. If you are a food establishment, you can now have the option of adding which cuisine you specialise in and also add your menu URL and booking URL. This will provide Google with detailed information that they can feature within the search results, making it even easier for your users to understand your business and see your menu or book a table.

Full Changelog:


  • Added option to set header background image on page editor
  • Added option to LazyLoad images to increase load speed
  • Added styling guide for WorldPay BG350 gateway
  • Added Google Analytics trigger to form submissions
  • Added option to set shop catalogue mode per category
  • Added bio option to people section of business info page
  • Added food type and menu options to business info page
  • Added new tag attributes for business info phone and email tags
  • Added new section to show your DNS and check email provider


  • Updated Theme Designer images to use small versions for smaller screens
  • Updated shop import/export page and added simple CSV option
  • Updated YouTube plugin with new attributes
  • General improvements for better speed scores


  • Fixed shop product tags not working
  • Fixed shop product "Total Price" showing incorrectly
  • Fixed product image thumbnails not working on product page
  • Fixed admin FAQs page
  • Fixed batch WebP conversion
  • Fixed PayPal IPN URLs
  • Fixed shop low stock notification
  • Fixed shop list styles making last image wider
  • Fixed system emails not responsive on some email clients
  • Fixed bug with form data CSV export columns going mis-ordered
  • Fixed shop filters when using categories_products display mode
  • Fixed issue with content displaying on members/passworded pages

Version 3.6.3 - 5th Aug 2020


  • Added new price discount option to promocodes
  • Added new plugins page (WebBoss staff only)
  • Added new "multiple" option for email inputs in Form Designer


  • Updated admin load speed through caching
  • Updated auto firewall API to run in background to prevent timeouts


  • Fixed issue with emails not sending to multiple addresses
  • Fixed percentage promocodes calculating VAT wrong
  • Fixed shop_front_tag not working
  • Fixed issue with blog images on blog archive page
  • Fixed issue with font modal loading twice in Theme Designer
  • Fixed issue with uploading shop image
  • Fixed issue with dragging new form elements in blank forms
  • Fixed issue with attributes incorrectly selected in Form Designer
  • Fixed issue with WorldPay
  • Fixed minor issue with jQueryUI styles

Version 3.6.2 - 15th July 2020


  • Added new options for form submit emails
    You can now choose to send either a standard user-defined "Thank You" email or confirmation email including all of the form data
  • Added new system email function options
    You can now configure the system to send automated emails through SMTP, meaning they are less likely to be marked as spam
  • Added RSS Feed and Group Links to blog mobile sidebar dropdown menus
  • Added new category display option in shop to display all products under category headings on category list


  • Updated forms to allow template tags in form submit text and form submit emails
  • Updated form emails styling and layout
  • Updated gallery to default to classic viewer
  • Updated redirects on membership register/login
  • Updated colours on world stats for clarity
  • Updated cPanel APIs to latest version
  • Updated blog post-dating to be more accurate using cron jobs
  • Updated shop product page to not display an image if there are no images set
  • Updated Payzone gateway to TakePayments
  • Updated Shop T&Cs to fall back to general T&Cs if not set
  • Updated display of addon products in shop
  • Updated admin order confirmation email to include customer email and phone number
  • Updated access to Main Controls for WebBoss accounts


  • Fixed issue with captcha not working on membership signup
  • Fixed issues with blog cmd page
  • Fixed issues with postcodes in shipping restrictions
  • Fixed bug with checkout details not saving and loading correctly
  • Fixed pagetitle tag not working correctly for shop pages
  • Fixed timeout in admin when adding/saving/deleting products (product feeds now update at midnight)
  • Fixed custom 404 page not working
  • Fixed shop minicart displaying on left, rather than right
  • Fixed gallery displaying on shop pages
  • Fixed blog archive mobile styling
  • Fixed issue with thumbnails on file upload list
  • Fixed error on WorldPay Online gateway
  • Fixed error with WorldPay BG350 gateway
  • Fixed "Shipping Address" text on checkout not changing
  • Fixed "Change Order Status" in admin defaulting to "Unpaid" when status was "Shipped"
  • Fixed issue with SCSS font variables
  • Fixed beta update available message displaying when not support
  • Fixed form failing to load or save if too many inputs
  • Fixed bug with font SCSS variables not working from Theme Designer
  • Fixed error with "Do Not Track"
  • Fixed external blog images breaking
  • Fixed issue with searching products in a category
  • Fixed hidden required form fields still being required
  • Fixed error loading images in Theme Designer
  • Fixed error saving theme in Theme Designer
  • Fixed error with H1 colour in Theme Designer
  • Fixed "Out of Stock" text on frontend not changing
  • Fixed timeout error on blog list when lots of blog posts from lots of years
  • Fixed submit button class in Form Designer not working
  • Fixed updater sometimes installing wrong version if beta enabled
  • Fixed custom plugins not displaying in admin sidebar
  • Removed Google Plus as no longer supported

Version 3.6.1 - 16th April 2020

New Template Tag Format

Template tags now use attributes to control them, similar to HTML tags
[tagname attr="value" attr2="value2"]
{=tagname attr="value" attr2="value2"}
eg. use {=form id="1"} instead of {=form_1}
There are also a lot more options to use for each tag See new template tags guide in the advanced section for more details


  • Added new template tags guide
  • Added WebP image support in File Uploads
  • Added option to convert existing images to WebP format individually or in batch
  • Added new SCSS mixins for font styles (eg. @include h1_font_styles)
  • Added font-face swap parameter to speed up loading
  • Added 'Enable Interlace' option to File Uploads to create progressive images


  • Updated gallery to new simplified structure with better interface
  • Updated shop product search algorithm for better accuracy
  • Updated blog_preview_box tag to blog_preview (both tags will still work)
  • Updated some other SEO caches in htaccess
  • Updated shop sidebar to be sticky on mobile
  • Updated some more image URLs in blog and shop to use static domain if enabled
  • Updated 'Add to Cart' button text on product list (now editable)


  • Fixed weird scrolling bug on shop product page
  • Fixed editing blog groups 404ing
  • Fixed 500 error on membership register page
  • Fixed stay logged in checkbox missing label
  • Fixed filtering by category on admin product list
  • Fixed bug with pages/links being a dropdown instead of top level when there were hidden pages on the same dropdown
  • Fixed PHP error when updating PHP version
  • Fixed system font not always displaying
  • Fixed Advanced editor taking system font instead of monospace
  • Fixed edit profile so font changes after saving
  • Fixed TinyMCE not allowing <picture> and <source> tags
  • Fixed bug with static domain not always enabling
  • Fixed page search not finding memebers-only pages
  • Fixed form submitted on page title not working
  • Fixed communicate attachment bug

Version 3.6.0 - 12th Feb 2020

  • Major backend code restructure, cleaning up functions and template tag function

  • Added addon products to eCommerce

  • Updated PHP version to 7.2



  • Added default sort option to product list
  • Added best sellers product tag
  • Added more currencies
  • Added Payzone gateway
  • Added "Same as Shipping Address" checkbox in shop checkout process
  • Added option to move shop categories into different parent categories


  • Added mobile menu colour options in Theme Designer
  • Added tutorial videos to support page
  • Added code files now backup once a day on save
  • Added new function after form submit
  • Added new module switch to blog and shop homepage and settings page
  • Added max-width: 100% to textarea etc
  • Added support log page to track design/development time
  • Added new package API


  • Updated menu with minor SEO/W3C suggestions
  • Updated package limits in Main Controls
  • Updated privileges in backend


  • Fixed issues with file uploads
  • Fixed bug with image editor breaking on template images and uploading SVGs
  • Fixed blog showing up twice
  • Fixed image editor breaking on template images
  • Fixed VAT calculations
  • Fixed some membership issues
  • Fixed minicart issues
  • Fixed related products slider showing when no products
  • Fixed gallery masonry layout
  • Fixed bug with product images in admin
  • Fixed parent and child stock check
  • Fixed bugs with shop product import
  • Fixed child products incorrectly showing in shop filtering
  • Fixed bug when filtering shop products
  • Fixed JSON structured data not being escaped
  • Fixed various other bugs
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