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about 4 years ago

Version 3.6.1 - 16th April 2020

New Template Tag Format

Template tags now use attributes to control them, similar to HTML tags
[tagname attr="value" attr2="value2"]
{=tagname attr="value" attr2="value2"}
eg. use {=form id="1"} instead of {=form_1}
There are also a lot more options to use for each tag See new template tags guide in the advanced section for more details


  • Added new template tags guide
  • Added WebP image support in File Uploads
  • Added option to convert existing images to WebP format individually or in batch
  • Added new SCSS mixins for font styles (eg. @include h1_font_styles)
  • Added font-face swap parameter to speed up loading
  • Added 'Enable Interlace' option to File Uploads to create progressive images


  • Updated gallery to new simplified structure with better interface
  • Updated shop product search algorithm for better accuracy
  • Updated blog_preview_box tag to blog_preview (both tags will still work)
  • Updated some other SEO caches in htaccess
  • Updated shop sidebar to be sticky on mobile
  • Updated some more image URLs in blog and shop to use static domain if enabled
  • Updated 'Add to Cart' button text on product list (now editable)


  • Fixed weird scrolling bug on shop product page
  • Fixed editing blog groups 404ing
  • Fixed 500 error on membership register page
  • Fixed stay logged in checkbox missing label
  • Fixed filtering by category on admin product list
  • Fixed bug with pages/links being a dropdown instead of top level when there were hidden pages on the same dropdown
  • Fixed PHP error when updating PHP version
  • Fixed system font not always displaying
  • Fixed Advanced editor taking system font instead of monospace
  • Fixed edit profile so font changes after saving
  • Fixed TinyMCE not allowing <picture> and <source> tags
  • Fixed bug with static domain not always enabling
  • Fixed page search not finding memebers-only pages
  • Fixed form submitted on page title not working
  • Fixed communicate attachment bug