Updated Fixed
about 2 years ago

3.6.8 - 1st Feb 2022


  • Updated FileManager modal to select image on double-click
  • Updated support page form to properly assign tickets to email address
  • Updated recurring products to display more information
  • Updated Facebook products CSV
  • Updated Page Editor File Manager to show more folders and files


  • Fixed error with checkout when using the subscribe checkbox
  • Fixed page limit on page list
  • Fixed newsletter subscribe form not working
  • Fixed TinyMCE FileManager being too big
  • Fixed a couple of issues with the dashboard graphs
  • Fixed WebP conversion issues
  • Fixed bug with shop categories breaking if more than 1 link in menu
  • Fixed shop product import creating long permas if not set
  • Fixed communicate page trying to send with wrong from address
  • Fixed error when creating email address
  • Fixed minor layout issue on sitestats banned etc pages
  • Fixed a couple of issues with checkout confusing delivery/collection address
  • Fixed product page price displaying wrong if variants all the same price
  • Fixed variant products not inheriting price from main product if blank
  • Fixed broken image on a few system emails
  • Fixed issue with notifications if they contain HTML
  • Fixed bug with using the wrong username for shop log
  • Fixed PayPal price issue when using promo codes
  • Fixed WorldPay 3DS errors from submitting twice
  • Fixed variant price storing as integer
  • Fixed minor dashboard and sidebar styles
  • Fixed some pages in the admin being slow
  • Fixed bug with meta_title using page_title
  • Fixed parent product show £0.00 price instead of "From" lowest child price
  • Fixed wrong link for Facebook and Bing CSVs on shop export page
  • Fixed issue with account details modal
  • Fixed bug with banner not saving correctly
  • Fixed PayPal not recognising recurring products
  • Fixed product edit page not showing correctly in admin sidebar
  • Fixed error with order generator
  • Fixed File Manager modal search being case-sensitive
  • Fixed error on Edit Profile page
  • Fixed encoding errors causing weird characters in custom header/footer
  • Fixed checkout not validating email address
  • Fixed issue with adding donation products to cart
  • Fixed issue with addon products on orders
  • Fixed issue with old JS cookie functions not working