Added Updated Fixed
almost 4 years ago

Version 3.6.3 - 5th Aug 2020


  • Added new price discount option to promocodes
  • Added new plugins page (WebBoss staff only)
  • Added new "multiple" option for email inputs in Form Designer


  • Updated admin load speed through caching
  • Updated auto firewall API to run in background to prevent timeouts


  • Fixed issue with emails not sending to multiple addresses
  • Fixed percentage promocodes calculating VAT wrong
  • Fixed shop_front_tag not working
  • Fixed issue with blog images on blog archive page
  • Fixed issue with font modal loading twice in Theme Designer
  • Fixed issue with uploading shop image
  • Fixed issue with dragging new form elements in blank forms
  • Fixed issue with attributes incorrectly selected in Form Designer
  • Fixed issue with WorldPay
  • Fixed minor issue with jQueryUI styles