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over 2 years ago

3.6.7 - 18th Nov 2021

There are so many new features in this update, so here are a few highlights:

New Admin Dashboard

We've completely rebuilt the admin dashboard (the first page you see when you login) to make everything cleaner and display useful information straight away.
This is largely customisable so you can choose what's important to you so you can access it all easily.

Page Editor Restructure

We've restructured the Page Editor to give you more space to edit the content of your pages.
All the existing page options have been moved to a new sidebar.

Product Variants (Beta)

We're working on a new feature to allow the creation of product variants.
Product variants mean you can have multiple different options like size and colour, which will generate all the different variants, which can have their own prices, stock counts and SKUs

Stripe Payment Gateway

We've added Stripe as a new payment gateway


  • Added new shipping option information to product page
  • Added new function to print orders in plaintext
  • Added new FileManager Dialog to TinyMCE Page Editor
  • Added option to determine starting order number
  • Added option to enable a subscribe popup on blog posts
  • Added new page_category template tag
  • Added option to exclude Europe from Worldwide delivery
  • Added new option in the Blog Settings to enable a blog subscribe prompt
  • Added new Themes page to install new themes
  • Added new tutorials


  • Updated admin login page with new design and more information
  • Updated Advanced Code Editor UI
  • Updated Image Editor UI/UX
  • Updated product list to show "from" price for products with required addons
  • Updated VAT number validation
  • Updated admin sidebar for ease of use
  • Updated some UI for cleanness and usability
  • Updated FAQs page
  • Updated system for new server compatibility


  • Fixed a few issues with payment gateways
  • Fixed a few issues with shop searching/filtering
  • Fixed issues with digital products in checkout
  • Fixed shop checkout form validation
  • Fixed product search not working for words less than 3 characters
  • Fixed order emails showing map when location not set
  • Fixed mobile menu not displaying for legacy menu
  • Fixed issue with add to cart button styling
  • Fixed VAT calculations on zero VAT products
  • Fixed exporting eCommerce subscribers
  • Fixed communicate emails to specific emails being blank