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about 4 years ago

Version 3.6.0 - 12th Feb 2020

  • Major backend code restructure, cleaning up functions and template tag function

  • Added addon products to eCommerce

  • Updated PHP version to 7.2



  • Added default sort option to product list
  • Added best sellers product tag
  • Added more currencies
  • Added Payzone gateway
  • Added "Same as Shipping Address" checkbox in shop checkout process
  • Added option to move shop categories into different parent categories


  • Added mobile menu colour options in Theme Designer
  • Added tutorial videos to support page
  • Added code files now backup once a day on save
  • Added new function after form submit
  • Added new module switch to blog and shop homepage and settings page
  • Added max-width: 100% to textarea etc
  • Added support log page to track design/development time
  • Added new package API


  • Updated menu with minor SEO/W3C suggestions
  • Updated package limits in Main Controls
  • Updated privileges in backend


  • Fixed issues with file uploads
  • Fixed bug with image editor breaking on template images and uploading SVGs
  • Fixed blog showing up twice
  • Fixed image editor breaking on template images
  • Fixed VAT calculations
  • Fixed some membership issues
  • Fixed minicart issues
  • Fixed related products slider showing when no products
  • Fixed gallery masonry layout
  • Fixed bug with product images in admin
  • Fixed parent and child stock check
  • Fixed bugs with shop product import
  • Fixed child products incorrectly showing in shop filtering
  • Fixed bug when filtering shop products
  • Fixed JSON structured data not being escaped
  • Fixed various other bugs