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almost 3 years ago

Version 3.6.6 - 10th Mar 2021

New Shipping Options

You can now configure multiple different shipping options with different prices and restrictions
For example, economy delivery, next day, international etc all with different prices
This also allows you to have a shipping option of "Click and Collect"
Your customers can choose which shipping option to use within the checkout process


  • Added new setting to define the text that appears for the shipping information
  • Added new option for shop catalogue mode to define text to replace buy button on product page
  • Added new tag attributes for forms tag to define size, title and even hide the form and add a show button
  • Added new option for form inputs to prefill input with page name, product name or blog name
  • Added new function to detect email provider on admin emails page


  • Updated forms plugin in page editor with new UI and new settings
  • Updated file manager dialog UI and added display and sort functions
  • Updated blog header image to use new file manager
  • Updated image editor to use new file manager
  • Updated product overlay text to allow line breaks
  • Updated order invoice generator for shop v2
  • Update PayPal IPs for security


  • Fixed gallery covers not working with webps
  • Fixed gallery webp conversion not resizing correctly
  • Fixed error on exif data for webps
  • Fixed "mobile" social icon colour
  • Fixed Facebook moderator option for comments
  • Fixed minor styling issue in shop product list
  • Fixed child products not showing draft status on admin product list
  • Fixed child product accordion on product page
  • Fixed VAT calculations on addon products
  • Fixed minor error with shop_products tag
  • Fixed minor warnings with plugins
  • Fixed issues with gallery thumbnails