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almost 4 years ago

Version 3.6.2 - 15th July 2020


  • Added new options for form submit emails
    You can now choose to send either a standard user-defined "Thank You" email or confirmation email including all of the form data
  • Added new system email function options
    You can now configure the system to send automated emails through SMTP, meaning they are less likely to be marked as spam
  • Added RSS Feed and Group Links to blog mobile sidebar dropdown menus
  • Added new category display option in shop to display all products under category headings on category list


  • Updated forms to allow template tags in form submit text and form submit emails
  • Updated form emails styling and layout
  • Updated gallery to default to classic viewer
  • Updated redirects on membership register/login
  • Updated colours on world stats for clarity
  • Updated cPanel APIs to latest version
  • Updated blog post-dating to be more accurate using cron jobs
  • Updated shop product page to not display an image if there are no images set
  • Updated Payzone gateway to TakePayments
  • Updated Shop T&Cs to fall back to general T&Cs if not set
  • Updated display of addon products in shop
  • Updated admin order confirmation email to include customer email and phone number
  • Updated access to Main Controls for WebBoss accounts


  • Fixed issue with captcha not working on membership signup
  • Fixed issues with blog cmd page
  • Fixed issues with postcodes in shipping restrictions
  • Fixed bug with checkout details not saving and loading correctly
  • Fixed pagetitle tag not working correctly for shop pages
  • Fixed timeout in admin when adding/saving/deleting products (product feeds now update at midnight)
  • Fixed custom 404 page not working
  • Fixed shop minicart displaying on left, rather than right
  • Fixed gallery displaying on shop pages
  • Fixed blog archive mobile styling
  • Fixed issue with thumbnails on file upload list
  • Fixed error on WorldPay Online gateway
  • Fixed error with WorldPay BG350 gateway
  • Fixed "Shipping Address" text on checkout not changing
  • Fixed "Change Order Status" in admin defaulting to "Unpaid" when status was "Shipped"
  • Fixed issue with SCSS font variables
  • Fixed beta update available message displaying when not support
  • Fixed form failing to load or save if too many inputs
  • Fixed bug with font SCSS variables not working from Theme Designer
  • Fixed error with "Do Not Track"
  • Fixed external blog images breaking
  • Fixed issue with searching products in a category
  • Fixed hidden required form fields still being required
  • Fixed error loading images in Theme Designer
  • Fixed error saving theme in Theme Designer
  • Fixed error with H1 colour in Theme Designer
  • Fixed "Out of Stock" text on frontend not changing
  • Fixed timeout error on blog list when lots of blog posts from lots of years
  • Fixed submit button class in Form Designer not working
  • Fixed updater sometimes installing wrong version if beta enabled
  • Fixed custom plugins not displaying in admin sidebar
  • Removed Google Plus as no longer supported