WebBoss.io Update: Multiple Shipping Options

One of the most recently requested features for our eCommerce module was that of multiple and more flexible shipping options.

We are pleased to announce that as of version 3.6.6 of the WebBoss system, you can now create multiple and flexible shipping options to cater for all your needs!

How does it work?

The basic idea of the new shipping options is that you can create multiple different shipping options, all with different configurations, including restrictions.

When the user goes through the checkout process, the website will check all the available shipping options you have configured (based off of the shipping address, cart products etc.) and show buttons in the checkout to select which option to use, or if only one is available it will select that one automatically.

Stay COVID-19 safe with Click & Collect

One of the main new features is to allow collection, or “Click & Collect”, and to be able to create locations for this.

If you have a shipping option with the type set to “collection”, then the checkout process will allow to you choose between delivery and collection. When the user chooses collection, instead of entering a shipping address, they will choose a collection location, which can also be displayed on a map.

To configure your shipping options in your website admin, from the sidebar navigation, go to Modules > eCommerce > Shop Settings > Postage Settings.

The “Default” tab holds some general postage settings, and the basic settings to use if you’re not yet ready to use the new shipping options.

The main tab to use here is the “Postage Types” tab. Here you can create new options and click the “Configure” button to change the settings like the restrictions and free conditions.

If you’re using the collection option, you will need to create locations for customers to collect from, which can be done under the “Locations” tab. 

The last tab is “Price Charts”, which can be used to create a table used to calculate shipping price based on weight, which can then be applied to shipping options.

Configuration Examples

Standard and Next Day delivery

If you want users to have the option to choose between various delivery types, create two different shipping options; for this example we will use “Standard” and “Next Day” delivery.

For the Standard delivery, don’t add any restrictions so this will always be displayed as the default option.

When configuring the Next Day delivery however, you may decide to add restrictions to it so for example you could set it so next day delivery is only available on orders over a set amount. Alternatively, you could also set this option to be free if the order is over a set amount.

Then when a customer goes through your checkout, this is what they will see when they get to the point of confirming their order:

Local, National and International Delivery

If you want to have different prices for local and international delivery, you could create a different shipping option for each area.

Your first option could be your local delivery, so for this option you could restrict it to specific postcodes, and then you could have another option for national delivery by restricting it to only the UK for example.

Depending on how you want to handle overseas shipping, you could create an option for Europe and an option for International, but excluding UK.

Alternatively, you could even have different options for different countries if you wanted to be more specific.

Different Couriers

If you wanted to deliver through multiple different couriers, you could create a shipping option for each one, each with their own restrictions and prices.

You can set up a price chart for each courier so you can configure the price based on weight ranges and apply each price chart to a shipping option.

You could also restrict each courier to specific shop categories, so if you have different products dispatched by different couriers, it will automatically select the correct courier.

How will you use it?

As you can see, the new shipping options are very flexible and allow for various ways in which you can charge for postage, or restrict items based on weight, price, location or country!

How do you get these features on your website?
If you are a customer of WebBoss, then you will automatically get these new features added to your eCommerce module (for free!) when you update your system in the admin dashboard.

See more detail and images on the blog: WebBoss.io Update: Multiple Shipping Options