Version 3.6.4 - 07th Nov 2020

Our New Business Information Feature Can Help Improve Your Search Engine Results

This update gives you a new feature in your admin dashboard to set up all your business information in a nice, organised way. This is then fed into your website in such a way for Google and other search engines to read to make you appear in search results much better than before, giving your site a small SEO boost!

You may have noticed that when you type in a company name or specific search term into Google, a variety of different search results will appear. A few years back, when you searched for a company or something similar, you only had the choice from a list of webpages that would appeared on the Google search results page. Back then it was incredibly important that your website appeared at the top of the first page, or that was the goal at least. However, now we are provided with a lot of different search options when we conduct a Google search. One of which is a rich result, which goes beyond just bringing up a webpage link on the search results page. This information is far more useful for the user and often includes images, telephone numbers, locations etc. When you are searching for something specific, often the information that you are looking for will be displayed in one of these rich results, making it far easier to find what you are looking for.  You may have also noticed that when you search for a specific company, on the right-hand side of the search results is a box of information, this is called a ‘knowledge panel’. This type of rich result can be hugely beneficial to the user, as they can easily find exactly what they are looking for.

Is a Knowledge Panel Important for SEO?

Absolutely! A knowledge panel can be hugely important for your visibility on a search results page. If your target audience is searching specifically for your brand name, then you will pretty much dominate the top of the search results page on both mobile and desktop searches, with easy to find information like your phone number, where your business is located and your opening hours. This type of information is going to be very beneficial to you, as your business will be able to stand out from others and make you easy to find. This can help with your SEO, as you are more likely to gain clicks through to your website from your Knowledge panel.

How Does Google Find this Information?

Google bots love structured data when they crawl a website, this information highlights exactly what the webpage is about, and makes it easier for the search engine to identify relevant data for different search terms. This data is what Google will pull from a website and show in their rich results. The way in which the code is structured, means that each element must be filled out to describe what is on that webpage, for example, a recipe may have a name/title, author, ingredients list, cooking method, etc. All of this information will be pulled by a search engine to feature in the rich results as a rich snippet, again meaning that you as a user can gain all of the information that you require by doing a single search. However, filling this information out on a regular webpage can be a struggle not only for you as the user, but also for the search engine to find all the information that it needs.

Our New Feature

We have created a ‘Business Information’ feature within our CMS, that will allow our clients to fill out the important information that they want the search engine to see, such as opening times and amenities. Our developers have designed this feature to mimic the structured data that Google and other search engines will be looking for on your website, which will fulfil the rich results shown on the search results page. This will make the information provided far more likely to be visible in the rich results on Google and also within the Knowledge panels. This section of the CMS is also extremely easy to use, and will only take a few minutes for you to fill out all of the necessary information.

As we pride ourselves on providing universal system updates to our clients, this brand new feature is not a plugin, it has been built directly into the WebBoss CMS system and will be available to all of our clients as standard. Making improving your SEO available to all, without any technical know-how, stress-free and at no extra cost! Not a WebBoss client yet? No problem! If you'd like to get a new or updated website that works for you/your business and your SEO, get in touch with WebBoss today!

Full Changelog


  • Added new option for default placeholder image in eCommerce
  • Added new option to hide images in eCommerce
  • Added new option to display child product selectors in product list
  • Added new option to define what countries the free shipping discount applies to
  • Added "Stay Logged In" checkbox on admin login
  • Added function for WebBoss staff to request support access externally
  • Added new tags attribute for "blog_preview" tag for order, direction, align and featured


  • Updated select image icon in Theme Designer
  • Updated structured data for better SEO


  • Fixed issue sending emails on Communicate page
  • Fixed shop category product display to include sub-categories
  • Fixed "Add to Cart" button displaying when addons are required
  • Fixed form data exports going wonky
  • Fixed reply-to on contact form emails
  • Fixed "Stay Logged In" on frontend membership
  • Fixed issue with saving new sections in Theme Designer